What is TviMote?

TviMote is a remote controller app for Android version 2.2 and higher. It controls your TViX Slim S1 media player and is designed to replace the WebRemote browser application and add additional functionality, such as offline browsing, shuffle and play queues.

Setting up TviMote

To set up TviMote, go into Settings and type in the IP address or host name of your TViX on your network. This could be "", for example or any host name you might have set up. NOTE: The music and movie folders on the TViX must be named "Music" and "Movie", respectively, with uppercase first letter and all others in lowercase.


The first thing to do is to scan your TViX for media files. Select "Scan" in the menu and let the app complete the process of retrieving information about your media files and create a local cache. This process might take a while depending on the size of your Movie and Music folders. A complete scan is required only once. If you update your folders you can use the "Rescan current folder" option in the Browse view.


You will navigate your TViX folders by browsing the local cache of the TViX folder structure. In one-pane mode, the Browse view is the main view shown. In two-pane mode, the Browse view is placed to the left.

Playing media files

To play a media file, simply click it. This will make the app send a play instruction to your TViX. If the TViX is not currently available (either your device is not on Wi-Fi yet or the TViX hasn't booted yet), TviMote will attempt continously to play the selected file. Note: Playing media this way will cancel any running play queue.


Favourites are simply shortcuts into your local TViX cache. To add a media file or a folder as a favourite, long-click it and select "add favourite". It will now appear in the Favourite view. In one-pane mode, the Favourites view is available through the menu or by left-swiping the Browse view. In two-pane mode, the Favourites view is placed to the right.

Play queues

TviMote can control your TViX media player in more advanced ways. By using the play queue, you can add and shuffle media files and folders to a queue.

To add folders or files to the play queue simply long-press and select the desired function (folders can be shuffled). A Play Queue View will pop up and TviMote will start playing the queue immediately. Please note that playing any file by clicking on it in the Browse view will cancel the currently running queue.

While playing queues you can use the "Next" and "Previous" controls to jump to next file or replay the current file. You can also long-click any file in the Play Queue view to remove it from the play queue. Press "Stop" to cancel the queue.

Note: When playing a queue, TviMote needs to be able to connect to your TViX while the Android device sleeps. For this purpose, TviMote maintains a WiFi-lock on the device. If the play queue stops working it might be due to your Wi-Fi policy on the Android system. Also, to preserve battery power, TviMote sleeps between playing media files. If you control your TViX with any other device (another TviMote, WebRemote or the physical remote controller) it will disrupt the continuity of TviMote's play queue functionality.